I am a painter who under guidance was various masters was trained in a realist style and later developed an appreciation for the more progressive work. 

My paintings have a focus on sustainability and nature. Idea is to capture the interplay of abstraction and realism along with the ‘Tao’ or movement of nature. 

Key Ideas

One idea is to show the essence and inherent movement of the subject in a minimalist way. The ideas is to make them play into viewers imagination and allow great freedom of movement.

For the Abstract paintings, I let the subconscious take over. I feel its  beautiful and allows you to be connected at the fundamental level and yet free flow on the conceptual level.

Sustainability is the next biggest challenge the planet faces, sustainable products, people and places; I often revisit this theme to try and create public awareness through my art

In my completely abstract canvases, focus is to make the ideal of focal point non-existent and provide equality. The various strokes and designs form at the moment and extend.

Art Education 

PAFA - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, US - Continuing Education 

Fleshier Art Academy, US - Continuing Education 

La, Salle, Singapore - Continuing Education 

Focussed private instruction under various Master artists

Austin Konchira - Fine Arts College, India

Mahindra - JJ School of Arts, India

Locke Robert , India

D Shevlino, US

Art Shows

Duality - French Culture Centre, Trivandrum, India - 2019

Movement 1.0 - David Hall, Kochi, India - 2018

Smoke Signals -Shangri-lla Art Gallery, Trivandrum, India

Sur-Realism - Russian Culture Centre, Trivandrum, India

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